Summer Whites

I have been holding on tight to the last bits of summer. After this past winter the summer has been amazing and I'm sad and shocked that it is already August. This August has been incredibly mild (thank god), and C and I have been enjoying as much time outside as possible. 

We really enjoy taking the time to just wander around and really discover the city. As we haven't spent much time downtown, we thought it was a perfect time to change that and decided to check out the Financial District.


The Financial District is known as the finance hub (aka the neighborhood name), but the area is actually really revamping and changing focuses. Many families have moved in, as well as more creative businesses, and with that the area is beginning to really change. C and I wandered around battery park and the west side waterways. We were particularly sucked into all the sail boats and yachts... again nautical aficionados. 

Before labor day arrives, I have been squeezing in as many summer whites as I possibly could... I'm not so sold on the "rules" but more just into the change to fall clothing... I have been incredibly in love with white this summer and my favorite summer dress has been making many appearances. 

You may remember seeing it briefly here!

 sorry for the bad lighting, it was really bright and I'm guilty of using the iphone for this pic.

sorry for the bad lighting, it was really bright and I'm guilty of using the iphone for this pic.


C was back at it picking out his favorite boats... he is more drawn to the classic sail boats and we are actually planning on taking some sailing lessons that are offered down at the docs. 


I am obsessed with this dress. It is so easy to just throw on and it immediately makes me feel great. It is so feminine and flattering plus it is LINED... yes, a great white dress and lined... making me not stress about it ever being see through. This has actually been my summer staple and I'm sorry I am just sharing it now. 

New favorites that I have to share... ELAINE TURNER. (Shoes above, similar)

I recently found this brand in their new store on Madison Avenue. Elaine Turner is a Texas based designer and I am so happy they arrived in the city as I am in love with all of their designs. I purchased a few of their shoes which are so comfortable, so much so that I could immediately take them out on the town with no breaking in. Also they have great bags, may have snagged a clutch which I will share soon... just wanted to share cause I'm obsessed.

(Not a paid promotion)... just a happy customer :)


Sadly this is an old DV dress that I can't link to share, but here are a few for the end of summer that I'm obsessed with. Now get out and enjoy the weather before fall arrives!