Week in Review Pt. 4

Finally it was time for Mika to say goodbye to New York. We finished up with a morning barre class at Exhale on the Upper East with one of her girlfriends, then headed over for a quick breakfast. After dragging breakfast out as long as possible we finally said our goodbyes and headed to the airport. It was so nice seeing her and I was sad to say goodbye.


After dropping my sister off at JFK I headed out to Long Island to get some much needed beach time. The beaches on the East coast don't exactly meet my California standards... sorry, can't change the California girls mind... but it will do for nice break from the city and gives me a chance to hang out in the summer sun.


Lying on the beach all day builds up a serious appetite so we headed to The Burger Spot for some incredibly delicious burgers... onion rings, bacon and cheddar. noms... I was going for the healthy options here.


In the town of Port Washington on Long Island, there is a famous restaurant called Louie's Oyster Bar & Grill. It sits right on the water and boats can actually pull right up to the dock and get off for lunch or dinner. The fresh seafood is always great and it is definitely one of the pretties restaurants with great views and outdoor seating. I highly recommend checking it out if you are in the area.


I stopped by with C and his family for a lazy lunch on the water.


I needed some mid week pick me ups so naturally froyo and flowers were in order. Guess which froyo is mine... I'm a child... and the flowers were from a farmers market. I fully support buying flowers for yourself as the joy I get from having flowers in my apartment is worth every penny. 


This might be the best thing I have bought in awhile as it combines two things that I love... 1. Spinning and 2. Mean Girls... This is soon to be my favorite spinning top. You can find it HERE!


Sadly my tank didn't arrive in time for my rooftop ride at the Gansevoort Hotel with Cyc Fitness and the famous Keoni Hudoba. It was pretty cool, my "spinster" friends and I...  (the guy of the group calls us this not understanding the actual meaning of the word)... all went and it was such a fun ride. They had all the bikes set up in the rooftop bar with surrounding city views and of course we all tapped it back to great music. 


After the ride there was a cocktail hour where they popped bottles of rose, kept the green juice flowing (this is a spin class after all) and handed out gift bags. Fun weekday night with friends.


This past weekend I was lucky enough to snag some tickets to the hottest show in town.... ON THE RUN TOUR ft Beyonce and Jay Z!!


Guys sorry for the blurry pictures but when you are about to see Beyonce and Jay and the emotions are out of control and you are freaking out, it is hard to take a decent photo. Basically this was one of the best nights of my life and the concert was unreal. We sang... we danced... we almost cried (kept it together) and it was a perfect girls night out- Queen Bey and Hova!

And for anyone who has been living under a rock and missed that Beyonce dropped a secret self titled album this past spring or if you just haven't listened to it... I beg you listen. It is Flawless ;)