The Meatball Shop- Chelsea

Now this is a New York legend. The Meatball Shop is a staple here in the city with five locations spread around the city and each one is pure deliciousness. We headed down to the Chelsea location as we wanted to wander the area and this is the perfect starting spot. 

Be warned, if you come at any normal meal time the line to get in can be out of control. Lucky for us we had been slow moving and arrived at an off time making it easy to walk right in. 


They have a sassy sign as you walk in "We Make Balls"... yes they do... and they are delicious. 


The shop does a good job with the laid back decor and the crowd is unpretentious but serious foodies. 


My sister and I grabbed a table inside as it was on the hotter side that day, ordered up some sangria and started catching up on all of her New York adventures. 


The menu is pretty straightforward as this is a meatball shop. It is basically variations of meatballs based on how you like them served up. My sister and I both ordered up the classic marinara meatball sandwiches and the daily special risotto, summer squash. 

The sandwiches are pure heaven. The crusty bread with soft centers served with three good sized meatballs and just the right amount of sauce are perfection. They come with a simple salad on the side that is light and refreshing. 

Mika had ordered hers with mozzarella and was getting some serious cheesy bites. noms. I ordered the provolone and didn't have quite such dramatic photo ops.  


Sadly, I wasn't a huge fan of the summer squash risotto. It was lacking in flavor and basically tasted like plain rice with breadcrumbs and cheese sprinkled on top. They are generally known for having delicious risotto, so if you do ever check out the meatball shop I would recommend finding out the daily special and give it a chance.

After lunch, we headed out for a long walk. It was Mika's last day in the city and we wanted to make sure she didn't miss anything. We wandered around Chelsea and through the market, down through the West Village and over to Washington Square Park. 


Casually pretending to be Carrie Bradshaw... 

Both of us are wearing Brandy and Melville


The weather was hot but thankfully not that humid. We wandering around picking out our favorite houses and pretending we lived there... one day!! 


The West Village is by far one of the most desirable areas of New York. The cute streets are lined with boutiques and award winning restaurants but somehow the area maintains an laid back feeling and avoids most of the hustle of city life. 


Such a fun day with my sister in the city and I was sad that her trip was coming to an end.  Hopefully she and my other sister can come out together next time as this was truly a trip to remember and I'm sure it would be even more fun with both of them.


What are you up to this summer?