C and I were craving some delicious mexican food and knew just the place to hit the spot... Toloache! We ventured over to the Upper East Side location (there are a few in the city) for a spur of the moment delicious lunch. We have been long time Toloache lovers, but we haven't been here in what feels like forever and I was so excited to go back!

As it was lunch time the bar was empty (people were drinking or not drinking responsibly)... but generally at night this place is packed. Its a nice post work dinner with friends and they have a great drink menu full of variations on the classic margarita. 


Everyone else may have been out and about... not drinking.... but hey!... this is New York on a weekend, so cocktails were definitely in order. I ordered la flaca a pomegranate margarita and C ordered the Toloache which is blueberry based. Both were delicious, but I do have to say the pomegranate seeds got a little annoying as they got caught in the straw. Obviously C was quick to point out I don't have to use a straw, but in my mind that is not a choice so I continued to struggle and silently complain in typical girl fashion. :)


What would a lunch out be without guac??? 


We ordered up the medium version which actually has some fruit in it... very deceiving... but it is just so perfectly and good. Creamy with a few left over chunks of avocado (this is a must in my mind for good guac)... and just the right amount of heat. 

Now for entrees... usually when I head out for mexican food, that tacos are the show stoppers... but here at Toloache, they definitely are the quesadillas.


Now don't expect to find a basic chicken quesadilla, these babies are all incredibly unique and bursting with flavor. I ordered the manchego tostada with corn and truffles, and C ordered the beef short rib and bone marrow tostada. Both were amazing... per usual. 

After hanging out for awhile, enjoying the food and delicious cocktails we headed out for an afternoon stroll. 

I was inspired by one of Barefoot Blonde's amazing hair styes. If you haven't seen them or if you are ever looking for a way to branch away from standard and boring braids she has you covered. Plus, she provides great instructions and videos to help you recreate the look. 


I am completely obsessed with my new Tory Burch sunglasses and bold Mac lipstick... these two are my go to summer look as the lipstick and glasses just immediately make you look put together.


What is your favorite summer style?