Living the Sweaty Life Pt. 1: SoulCycle

 I thought I would share a series of posts about working out... don't worry I will space them out to not bore/overwhelm anyone... and yes, I am that person, but I have honestly got to say in the past 9 months I have had a serious lifestyle change. Now, I'm not saying lifestyle change in the I lost 50 lbs kind of way, but I have seen a change in overall happiness, health, weight, strength, and general overall self esteem. I used to play sports in high school and tried to work out in college but always struggled to make it to the gym. It was always such an extensive mental battle before actually making it there, and once I arrived, I would search for a magazine, slowly get on the elliptical, swivel back and forth for 30 min and call it a day. Not really a great work out... but I justified that was enough.

Since I first began working out seriously in December, I must admit that everything has changed and I am now the obnoxious friend that everyone has that tweets/talks/obsesses over working out. 

So how did I get into working out and how do I now keep up with it? Well this is the first of a few posts about all of that, including my favorite places to sweat it out.

This may sound a little cultish... and for people who know about SoulCycle will often say it is... but I actually attribute my new lifestyle to spinning at SoulCycle. After months of paying for a gym that I almost never used, two of my friends convinced me to go to a SoulCycle class with them and I was immediately hooked. 

This is not just a normal spin class where you climb the hills, sprint at the flats, and focus on the specific numbers on your screens... this class is all about unity and spinning to the beat of the music. You may have previously heard me mention it here!

The class got me to enjoy working out again. Yes, when I started out at Soul, parts of class seemed pretty difficult. But the one thing that Soul really excels at, is that it doesn't feel like a mental battle. At no point do I hate being there and most of the classes fly by as I'm too focused on the music and enjoying the class. Soon, I was able to increase the number of classes I attended per week and I was slowly transforming my body into workout shape. After solely working out at Soul, I began venturing out to other classes and soon my love affair with all things working out began. 

For someone who has been spinning at Soul for 9 months now, obviously I have been telling all my friends how great it is and have been dragging whoever agrees to a class or two. Most recently, I finally got C to go with me... yes, 9 months after beginning I finally got him there.

Let me clarify, I didn't ask him to go... I just sort of signed him up during one of their promotions which let you take a friend for free. I signed us up for String's weekend class in the West Village, thinking it would be a good intro for C to see a guy instructor to help him get into it.


We were running late that day and when we arrived, I was a little confused by the streamers hanging over the doorways...whatever, summer at SoulCycle... I just assumed they were being spirited... But then the class started... C was already overwhelmed as I wasn't able to fully explain before the class started and even more concerned when String walked in wearing ONLY an afro and gold tiny briefs.... Yes... I brought my boyfriend to his first SoulCycle ride and I didn't even realize it was a 70's THEMED RIDE. For the next 45 minutes we disco danced, clapped, cheered, and tapped it back to 70's music. This was not at all what I had in mind for his first experience at Soul and sadly I think that will be his last. He has his limits and I think we will stick to our running dates.

 Plus, there are such fun spinning clothes!

Plus, there are such fun spinning clothes!

I'm not saying you need to join SoulCycle, but finding a work out that you enjoy (Zumba, Yoga, Kickboxing, etc.) and escaping the boring gym routine is key to getting into working out again. Also, I highly suggest getting a workout buddy as working out with friends makes it more fun, and holds you responsible to showing up to class. So what are you waiting for?!? Get out there and get moving! Happy Summer!