Roosevelt Island

There are so many things to do in NY that it seems we often forget about some of the smaller neighborhoods of the city. C has been wanting to head out to Roosevelt Island (a residential island off the east side of Manhattan) but I have continued to jokingly call it Shutter Island (like the movie) and have put off going. Finally though, I gave in and decided to check it out. 

2014-05-31 17.47.41.jpg

The best way to get to *cough* Shutter Island *cough* is by the Roosevelt Island Tram... you could take the subway over but the tram has such great views of the city (and is the same price as the subway) so why not hop on and get an aerial ride across the river... OK I was starting to warm up to the island at this point.

2014-05-31 17.47.20.jpg
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Once we arrived at the island, we headed down to the river walk to check out the city views.

2014-05-31 17.53.43.jpg

Roosevelt Island spans from the Upper East Side down through Midtown approximately 40 blocks and has some pretty amazing views... this is the Manhattan side but if you walk along the east side of the island you have views of Queens which has some new developments going in.

As you wander along the river walk towards the main park you pass by a few historic buildings. This is why the island has the Shutter Island reputation... during the day with the ivy growing up the side of the building it is kind of pretty, but even so, I still continued to think back to some of the uses the island had such as penitentiary, mental hospital, asylum... still gives me the heebie geebies. 

Please not the rain clouds rolling in... very ominous...

Once you reach the end of island you come to Roosevelt Park. It is actually a very beautiful tree lined lawn that is just begging for people to spread blankets and lay out in the sun. 

After strolling across the lawn we made it to the end of the island where there is a massive Theodore Roosevelt bronze bust and a beautiful inscription.

2014-05-31 18.09.30.jpg

On the other side of the monument you have a view of midtown Manhattan and Queens. C and I hung out here in the sunshine for awhile... I was nervous the rain clouds were going to roll in but we somehow got lucky and the clouds passed on by.

2014-05-31 18.10.09.jpg
2014-05-31 18.11.20.jpg

For anyone who wants a very quick day trip with some great city views I highly recommend heading over to the island preferably with a picnic as the lawn is pretty amazing. 

Great break from the hustle of the city and some gorgeous views but it was definitely time to head back home.