Week in Review Pt. 3

Wrap ups of my week seem to be the easiest way to share all the fun things that are going on in my life. There are so many small things going on every week, that these weekly wrap up make it possible to share them all. So here we go again... weekly wrap up part 3!   

My time in California was flying by, but I managed to snag some time with my favorite travel companion Shiloh! ...Isn't he just the cutest?!?  I'm still trying to figure out how to take him back to NY with me. 

2014-06-26 12.54.40.jpg

But seriously... look at that little tongue and face. Dawww....

Obviously when I was home I had to check out the SoulCycle Palo Alto location. I'm obsessed with SoulCycle New York and have visited the San Francisco location as well (also great) and so I had to check out the Palo Alto one when I was in town. For anyone who hasn't heard of Soul... (as the groupies call it... no shame)... it is a group spinning class where all the riders peddle to the beat of the music and everyone rides as one. It is highly addictive and a great workout. My sisters were doubtful about it, so I dragged them along and boy were they surprised by how hard it was. 

2014-06-25 17.17.47.jpg

Naturally after we worked out, we had to hit up Cream in Palo Alto. The creamery is famous. I kid you not, this place has hour long lines for an ice cream/ cookie shop. They are always fresh and everything is homemade and it is just bomb! I can't get over this place. 

After we had our sugar rush and figured out a dinner plan, we headed over to Umami Burger! I have now been to Umami Burger on both coasts and let me tell you it is great no matter what location you go to. I got the manly burger and it was great... yes I realized I just worked out and this is not ideal... but come on... look at that burger. noms. Plus, I was on vacation so the calories don't count right?

2014-06-25 20.50.59.jpg

My trips to California always seem to fly by too quickly and I was soon back on another plane heading home to New York.  One bonus of this trip home though, was that I brought my best friend back with me!

2014-06-26 20.36.04.jpg

Yep, that's right, my sister made the journey with me across the country to spend some time in NYC with me and some college friends. More to come on her trip to New York soon!

2014-06-28 20.32.07.jpg

While my sister was out with college friends, I went to brunch at the famous Loeb Boathouse in Central Park. 

This place is so beautiful and so popular that if you are interested in checking it out get there early as the lines form fast. We were lucky and got a table on the patio right next to the water. The brunch was delicious and it was such a lovely ambiance I couldn't think of a better place to spend the afternoon. 

2014-06-29 11.52.55.jpg

I ordered the challah french toast with Grand Marnier banana compote... it was to die for. noms. I was in heaven. So fluffy and light but able to hold on to just the right amount of syrup and sugary goodness. 

2014-06-29 11.20.37.jpg

After brunch, we walked over to the boat pond where they rent out little motor sail boats. We were so full from lunch and the weather was so perfect that we actually hung out here for about an hour not realizing, people watching and zoning out as the sail boats floated by. What a perfect summer day. 

We finally headed home and swung by our favorite spot in the park the reserve. It has a panoramic view of the city from the Upper East down through Midtown and back around to the Upper West. Really great at sunset. 


Great lazy summer days with family and friends, eating and exploring the city I love. What are your favorite spots in the city?