Carmel Valley Art and Wine Festival

After finishing up in Oregon, I hopped on a plane and jetted down to see my family. I hadn't been home in what felt like forever and I was so excited to see them and to enjoy everything that California had to offer. I happened to be arriving right in time for the Carmel Art and Wine Festival, and to make it even better my best girlfriends were in town to check it out with me. 

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The Carmel Valley Wine festival features local wineries, artists and restaurants and is held in the heart of the Carmel Valley Village. 

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I have to admit I don't remember too much about the wineries as I was too caught up with my girlfriends... but  how could you blame us, we hadn't see each other in months and were dying to catch up.

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When the sun starts shining and I am outside in the beautiful weather, I always gravitate towards a good rosé. Lucky for me, Carmel Valley wineries make a few great rosés. 

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Wandering around, we got to see lots of great and interesting artwork... some of which featured the beautiful California coast.  I must say I am from the prettiest place around... just saying... look at those views. 

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We shared stories and dished out details about our lives, all while enjoying some truly great wine. The best part of coming home... besides seeing my family... is getting the chance to see my best girlfriends. We all live far apart, so getting the chance to catch up and spend the day together is the biggest treat. 

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I loved getting the chance to see my best girlfriends, enjoy some great wine and hang out in my favorite area. Sadly, the day seemed to fly by too quickly and before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye.

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Cheers to lifelong friends and a beautiful summer! What are you up to this summer?

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