Week In Review Pt. 2

These past few weeks have been crazy busy. Traveling for work, catching up with family back home in California and finally getting some much needed vacation time. Here is a quick wrap up (with more details to come) on what I have been up to!


I am pretty lucky and get to travel to some amazing places for work and one of my favorites is by far Oregon. I always enjoy heading out there as it has such a laid back and friendly feel plus the area is beautiful. It is such a different environment from the city and every time I arrive it makes me miss small towns and nature.

As I'm sure everyone realizes by now, I love cooking and everything to do with food... so naturally I always take the time on the flight to catch up on some light reading. FYI this is a great issue of cooking light (July), I tagged so many pages I might as well just start cooking my way through the entire thing. 


I arrived in Oregon around sunset and was greeted by this amazing view... just after a rain so everything had great contrast and with the sun shinning right beyond the clouds I just had to snap a picture.


While hanging out in Oregon I got to experience some of the local wildlife.. I was actually extremely startled when I looked up from my phone to see these guys just strolling on by. Hello Canadian Geese.


They were quickly redirected by one of the gardeners back to their proper home around the pond and away from the parking lot. They were so startled though, that I got caught in the middle of the goose stampede which was actually kind of terrifying and kind of adorable all at the same time.


Perk of working in Oregon is that once the work is done, you can quickly escape the city and head out into one of the best wine countries in the country. As we were motived by the thought of drinking some delicious pinot noirs, we worked quickly and headed out to Dundee for an early weekend treat.


After finishing up in Oregon, I jumped on a plane and headed down south to California. I was ready for some family time and some beautiful California weather. 


While at home I spent some time with the padres working on my golf game... in case anyone was wondering I'm a natural... I got it from my momma duh. Obviously a course self was in order to prove that we made it out. 

Obviously one day of wine tasting was not enough... California wine baby... so I met up with my best girlfriends and headed out to the Carmel Valley Wine and Art Fest for a day of great wine and fun in the sun. 

Time for more vino! Happy Summer.