Every time I'm in Portland I have to make a trip to my favorite Italian restaurant Nostrana. Nostrana's head chef Cathy Whims has been a 6 time James Beard Award finalist for the Best Chef in the Northwest and after visiting Nostrana, you will know why. The restaurant features fresh ingredients from the Pacific Northwest and has frequent updates to their menu based on what's seasonal. 


The restaurant has an incredible atmosphere with high ceilings, a beautiful bar and laid back vibe making this the perfect restaurant for a relaxed night out.


Every time I come here I have to get their wood fired pizzas. I feel like I should try to branch out, but as soon as I walk in and smell the pizzas cooking I get sucked back in. 


We started off with a delicious Oregon Pinot and a few starters.


The fresh burrata on a toasted crostini with basil spread was a great play on crispy and creamy and the vinaigrette on the salad was perfect. 


Next we had the Inslata Nostrana, their take on a Caesar Salad. The radicchio is slightly spicy and the parmesan is bursting with flavor. This is a must order for anyone stopping by. 


When the pizza arrives, it is served whole with your own personal scissors to cut your own slices. Supposedly, they originally served the pizza with a knife and provided scissors to customers who wanted an easier cutting option but soon word spread and everyone began requesting scissors... so now they are a staple.  

When the pizza arrived we were not disappointed. We ordered a spinach and snow pea pizza with a fried egg and mozzarella. It was to die for. The snow peas were slightly crunchy and were incredibly delicious and the egg yolk just oozes all over the pizza when you cut into it. The entire pizza was lightly brushed in olive oil and garlic and the crust was fluffy and soft in the center. This is a pizza I could eat every day of the year and be happy every time. 


I can't wait to come back next time I'm in town... but knowing me, I will probably order another pizza as they are just so good. For anyone in Portland you have to check out Nostrana and their ever changing, super delicious menu. Happy summer!