Old Town

After the headaches disappeared and the massive brunch finally settled, we decided to wander over to Old Town to do some window shopping. Old town is full of restaurants, boutiques, and tons of cute shops. It was a little chilly walking around... even though I know it is the windy city I definitely was unprepared... but we were determined to carry on and to see the city.

 Our inner child quickly came out when we discovered the most amazing window display we have every seen!

 Photo courtesy of M. McBride.

Photo courtesy of M. McBride.

After narrowly escaping the massive beach ball we continued on down through old town where I stumbled upon these great cards in a few of the shops. I love greeting cards. I think they are so fun and personal and I am always looking for creative ones. The fair trade cards made by Sanctuary Spring are probably some of the funnier cards I have ever seen plus they go towards a good cause. Check out all of their designs HERE.  


We made our way down to the most amazing flower shop. I'm sad to say I do not remember the name of the shop, as this was one of the most amazing shops I have ever seen. As you walk in you are immediately greeted by the most amazing smell. Then as you slowly start to process that it is from all of the surrounding flowers you immediately take in all of the colors. I have been dying for spring, and this definitely made me feel like it had finally arrived.

2014-04-26 18.01.50-1.jpg
photo 3-10 copy.jpg

An entire display of tulips! I was a little too excited to notice my shaking hands... sorry for the blurry pics.

I just loved these bird cages especially the creative aspect of adding candles to them. I think they are just so pretty.

photo 2-9 copy.jpg

While wandering through what felt like wonderland, I stumbled upon these little cuties! I am kind of regretting not snagging them and bringing them home with me. 

photo 2-11 copy.jpg

Although the entire top floor of the store is covered in every type of flower imaginable, downstairs is a complete change of scenery. The entire basement is dedicated to candles!

photo 2-10 copy.jpg

After checking out the shops and wandering around Old Town, we needed an escape from the chilly air, so we ducked into La Fournette for a latte and a treat. 

I'm super impressed by whoever wrote this chalkboard menu as their handwriting is amazing. 

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photo 2-16 copy.jpg

We all grabbed lattes and shared an almond croissant and some macaroons. As almond croissants are my favorite I was a little judgmental of this one, not my favorite, slightly dry as there wasn't enough filling. The macaroons and lattes were excellent though and the adorable cafe made the stop just what we needed.

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We decided that we had spent enough time braving the cold and deserved a reward of some wine and cheese back at the apartment before dinner... this is clearly why we are friends. We arrived just in time to watch the sunset over the lake. 

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As I was just home, I brought a local favorite as a thank you for housing me... Joyce Rose. I didn't mention this one in my last Wine Tasting Post but Joyce is just as excellent and right around the corner from the other two wineries. Plus, it was fun to have a taste of home all the way out in Chicago. 

 Photo courtesy of M. McBride.

Photo courtesy of M. McBride.

What are your favorite finds in Chicago?