Old Westbury Gardens

I love visiting historic homes. Wandering through them and being able to imagine the people that used to live there and just the history behind the home is so interesting to me. Plus, being able to see the beautiful architecture and gardens is always fun. New York has its fair share of historic homes so I took a day trip to Long Island to check out Old Westbury Gardens

When you arrive at the house you enter through a great wrought iron gate and are immediately faced with an incredibly long tree lined driveway. As you continue up towards the home, there are huge fields on either side that the family used to play polo on, and then you finally arrive up to the house. You pay to enter the grounds, but then are free to roam around the house and gardens... many people actually bring lunch and picnic on the front lawns. We  brought sandwiches and hung out under the shade of the trees, then headed out to explore the house.  

2014-05-26 14.16.44.jpg
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This was by far my favorite room. It originally was a completely open sitting room that the family would gather in on nice summer days, a mix between covered patio and sitting room, but as the weather was starting to affect the structure, glass walls have been added to enclose the room. I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to sit in there on a summers day with the breezes going through the room and the smell of all the fresh flowers. As you can see in the photos the room was filled with the most beautiful hydrangeas freshly picked from the gardens.

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We ventured outside to see what is probably the most famous part of this house, the gardens. We walked through the rose pathway which when in bloom is a rustic arbor covered in rose vines... I may have to come back back just to see them in bloom. 

2014-05-26 15.04.48.jpg

In the middle of the rose pathway the path breaks off to the most amazing play house I have ever seen. The Thatched cottage is a full size play house for the children of the house and it was adorable. I could only imagine running around those gardens as a child. 

2014-05-26 14.32.37.jpg

Every path seemed to lead to another more beautiful and elaborate garden. Wandering through was grounds was a perfect way to spend the day and it was perfect timing being there as most of the flowers were finally blooming. 

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Finally we made it out of the flower gardens and to the backside of the house. We hung out for a little bit in the cool grass and just relaxed. It was actually a little surreal as there was a baby grand piano on the back lawn next to the house and someone was playing classical music. The sound just carried through the grounds making me never want to leave. 

2014-05-26 14.51.11.jpg

After hanging out on the lawn for awhile, we decided to head back to the house. Walking up from the back gate you are faced with the most amazing view. I actually kind of love the backside of the house more than the front with the vines growing up the sides and the stairways on either side... it is just so perfect. 

OK, where do I sign... I could live here... Mr. Darcy can come too!

Happy summer everyone!