Umami Burger

With a girlfriend in town from LA and a day off, some girlfriends and I decided to meet up for a lunch date. We haven't all been together since college so we needed some serious girl time. As there is nothing better than a burger to work off a rough night, we headed over to Greenwich Village to Umami Burger.

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Umami burger is a modern take on a burger joint. All their burgers have specialty ingredients and the restaurant maintains a nice minimalistic feel... plus the packed young ambiance makes it a very fun place to hang out. 

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Looking over the menu you are immediately overwhelmed by the options and the creative burgers. The only issue I had was that some of the truffle'd burgers on their menu sound like truffle overkill. In order to be a truly great truffle dish you need to be strategic with the application and I'm not so much a fan of putting it on everything. I feel like so many restaurants lately try to elevate a dish simply by adding truffle but most of the time it just seems forced or out of place... Saying that though... I did order the Truffle Especiale which actually didn't have that much truffle. I actually ordered it because I'm a sucker for fried eggs on burgers.

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We all ordered burgers and fries and were soon so caught up in gossip and chatter that we missed the waiters explanation of the special sauces. All I can tell you is that the middle one was spicy and the far one was my favorite... but the closest to me was my friends favorite... so apparently they are all good.  

2014-05-23 13.31.33.jpg
2014-05-23 13.41.07.jpg

Ta Da! Truffle Especial with the Umami Burger signature grill stamp on the bun. Ain't it a beauty. Not gonna lie this burger was incredibly messy but it was pretty damn delicious. 

2014-05-23 13.42.16.jpg

A few of my friends got the Manly Burger which they said was amazing. I am definitely going to be trying this one next. From the beer cheddar to the onion strings what could be bad about this?

A more classic burger in the Cali Burger but still excellent. 

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Overall, you can't really go wrong with any of the burgers in my opinion. Check it out for yourself either in NY or LA. 

After lunch we decided to wander around through the village and over to Washington Square Park. We past the most amazing brownstones and historic homes. Some were a little run down, but the ones that did maintain the historic charm would just be a dream to live in. I picked out my favorite... it is almost out of a fairytale or something. 

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My friend was living it up as a tourist in the city and one thing she could not miss was a Mister Softee. This is actually a NY staple soft serve ice cream truck and it is just so perfect for the start of summer.

Pure Joy. 

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I'm so glad that I got to spend some time with my friends as it feels like forever. Now that summer is finally here we have decided that there are no more excuses and have promised to do this again soon (and we mean it!). Besides, this time was just so much fun I jumped for joy!

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What do you and your friends like to do for fun?