Week in Review Pt. 1

This week has flown by and there were so many things I wanted to share that didn't qualify for a full post so I dropped them all in here to catch everyone up... plus some of the photos were truly drool worthy so I felt they had to be shared.

2014-05-20 12.23.56.jpg

Springtime in the city comes and goes fairly quickly, so taking advantage of the nice weather is a must. This past week was nice enough to take lunch outside in Bryant Park which is the perfect place to eat and relax if you work in midtown. There are always performers, bands, broadway previews, and theater in the park making it a constant hot spot in the summer. As it is currently fleet week in the city, there was a navy band kicking off the week with performances during the lunch hour playing American classic songs. 

2014-05-20 12.32.45.jpg

I continued to take advantage of the pretty weather this week and headed down to Soho for a girls day. We spent the day window shopping and wandering around the historic streets. Naturally while down there, we had to head over to the famous macaroon shop Laduree.

2014-05-23 15.34.20.jpg
2014-05-23 15.08.49.jpg

When you walk in you are immediately overwhelmed by the girly atmosphere. You feel like you are in a classic tea shop with tons of delectable treats that are all just telling you to eat them. 

2014-05-23 15.37.35.jpg
2014-05-23 15.36.45.jpg

But what this place is really known for are their macaroons, and I promise if you try them you will not be disappointed. These macaroons are incredibly soft but have a slight crunch as you bite through the delicate exterior. Then you are hit with the wonderful flavor and the perfect balance of sweet gooey jelly and the entire thing is so wonderful that you temporary black out and just want to stuff your face with more. That is pretty much what I did and I wont tell you how many I ate... 

Aren't they just so pretty...

To work off those macaroons... come on guys, summer is coming... I checked out AKT In Motion's 4 Play Class (yes it has a funny name, but this is a serious class that kicked my ass and made me want to cry. Don't worry I kept the tears to myself). AKT has been featured in a few health and fashion magazines as the new hot work out class for the summer... here is a great review from Elle.


I was an idiot and got confused when I first walked into the building and missed the elevator up to the 4th floor where the studio is located. I actually thought they were trying to guilt trip me into taking the stairs because I was there to work out and wanted to take the elevator. Don't worry guys there is an elevator. You do not have to climb the millions of stairs. I did though. Just Saying. 

The entire place has a modern high end vibe, from their fruity water to their trendy decor it kind of feels like a spa/ night club tricking you into believing this class will be easy. Trust me it is anything but easy.

AKT has a variety of different classes. They are most known for their combination of dance cardio classes but let's be real I cannot dance, so I opted for the circuit training style class. As a few of my friends had gone before they warned me to wear shorts as the room is incredibly hot,  Bikram Yoga style. (My instructor was wearing a bathing suit top and spandex shorts if that implies how much we were about to sweat). 


The class is a circuit training style class that targets your full body with moves likes modified planks, push ups, abdominal work, and weight training. Also, the class is tiny.. aka no hiding when you want to just lie on the floor for a second. The class caps out at 10 people but on my lucky day, only 2 people showed up... me and 1 other girl aka this was a private training session. Yikes. By the end, I actually couldn't pick up my arms and my legs were trembling. For my family, this was worse than Animal Hour with Uncle Jamie... remember how sore we were?!?... I guess that is a sign of a really great work out. 

I highly recommend AKT to anyone looking to get back into working out. The instructors and everyone working at AKT was super friendly and the studios are top notch, and for anyone who can dance or even just follow choreography I would definitely check out their cardio dance classes as they must be a more fun way to work out.


What are some of your favorite things to do in the springtime?