White on White

With such beautiful weather these past few days I was determined to get outside and soak up some sun. There are so many great parks in the city, obviously central park is pretty great, but I actually love the smaller ones so much better. They all have their own little charm and are usually less crowded which makes it really nice for an afternoon stroll. One of my favorite parks is the Carl Schurz Park on the East River. 

All the paths at the parks wind through gardens and grassy areas until you arrive at the main trail which runs along side the river. When you walk up you are greeted with the most amazing views. The two bridges there are the Triborough Bridge and the Hell Gate Bridge).

I'm not a stickler on the no whites before memorial day and I kind of broke all the rules wearing all white, but I say as long as the weather is warm and the sun is out shinning go for it. Plus, I just love the look of white on white. 


Pants // Blouse  // Bag (old): Similar, Similar // Shoes (Sale) // Glasses // Watch // Bracelet (old): Similar //


My absolute favorite part of this park is the dog park. I actually freaked out a little when we walked up and shamelessly took photos of strangers dogs. I am sad I missed capturing the cutest pack of puppies running at us chasing a ball. I thought I was going to die over the cuteness... which is why I was too distracted to remember photos. 

He was my favorite... he was just so fluffy!

Can you imagine all those apartment's views overlooking the park and the river?


I could do an entire post about the Upper East brownstones... they are so pretty and historic and I love the just wandering the streets. I must say, my love affair with New York is back now that the sun is shining and the polar vortex is long gone.

I loved the character of these doors... these two are actually neighbors. 

This one is one of my absolute favorites. The ivy is just so pretty...

What's your favorite part of spring?