A Taste of Home

I popped back over to California this past week for work and was lucky enough to be close to home. I had a little bit of free time so I decided to swing by to see my family and furry friend Shiloh... He was napping when I arrived and was kind of a diva when we tried to wake him.


No photos please... I need my beauty sleep...


Finally he got up and was ready to play. 

I was clearly more excited to see him than he was to see me. 

After tons of kisses and plenty of belly rubs we finally headed off to dinner. I can never come home though without making a quick stop by my absolute favorite place... it really is quite terrible isn't it. The white sand and clear blue water. 


For dinner we headed over to a husband and wife run restaurant called Taste... did ya see what i did there with the blog title...  I'm not gonna lie the decor needs a little work but the food is good and they are always changing their menu. Also, it is pretty cool being able to talk directly to the chefs. 

By far the star of the night was my sisters dish... Butternut Squash Ravioli. noms... This is a dish that I would come back for even if it wasn't on the menu and would beg them to make it for me. 

I had the lamb which was seasoned nicely. It came with a side of delicious au gratin potatoes. 


My dad had the chicken apple sausage which was apparently quite delicious. He was thrilled because it was his first choice on the menu and it was completely glutton free. One of the few times he hasn't had to make substitutes. 


My mother had the salmon which was cooked with springtime vegetables baked in parchment paper. it was very impressive when it came out and the paper was removed. She said the salmon was great but that the vegetables were a little overcooked due to the different cook times. I guess it is better that way then having the sides better than the entree. 


Great day at home. It is so nice seeing family even if it is just for one day... also not gonna lie seeing Shiloh makes me want to get a doggy so badly. Isn't Shiloh just the perfect size for NYC?