Rainy Day

The next morning I woke up to a rainy day. I kind of like the few times a year it rains at home as it creates such a lazy feel. Usually we wake up to morning fog that clears up as the day goes on, but a true rainy day is kind of special. Everything slows down and you can cozy up in a nice sweater and sort of just lull about. 

My mother, sister and I headed out to grab some breakfast and a great cup of coffee (priorities). 

2014-04-25 10.09.39.jpg

When it was our turn to place our order, no joke my mother asked for a BOWL of coffee... I will have a soy latte but I want it in the bowl size... she just really wanted the largest cup possible. I followed suit and soon we were sipping our lattes out of bowl sized cups.


After breakfast I sadly had to leave but work had to be done. I met up with my coworker in San Jose where we soon were craving a bite to eat... when am I not. 

As we didn't know what was around us, we stopped into a strip mall that looked like it had a bunch of chain restaurants. When we got out of the car though, we noticed the longest line wrapping outside of a very small Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Viet. Naturally that is were we decided we were going and let me tell you, this was a huge treat and surprise to find. 

Once we got seated we started off with some veggie spring rolls. Tofu, mint, rice noodles, carrots and peanut sauce. 


When the pho came out we were amazed. This is a SMALL. Yes we ordered smalls and they were huge. Tons of perfectly cooked noodles, beef, cilantro, sprouts all in a delicious broth. 

I was too hungry to stop eating to let my coworker take the photo. Pretty much was trying to shovel as much pho into my mouth as possible. 

I finished it off with some mango bubble team for dessert. At this point I was stuffed, but I just couldn't pass up the bubble tea...

Next stop Chicago, where I pretty much did the same... more eating and drinking with a side of sight seeing. Posts coming soon!