Union Square Farmers Market

This weekend I made it down to Union Square and checked out the farmers market. Over the weekend there are tons of local markets around the city but Union Square is by far one of the better ones. Extra bonus was that this weekend was absolutely beautiful. The key though for the Union Square market is you have to arrive early as the market is incredibly popular and most baked goods will go quickly.

2014-04-05 11.50.21 copy.jpg

Although there wasn't the biggest produce selection, there were a ton of plants and flowers. Walking through the rows of blooming flowers and green plants was really relaxing and finally made me feel like springtime was finally here.

2014-04-05 11.10.11 copy.jpg

The tulips were particularly beautiful and the hanging bouquet was amazing. Tulips are one of my favorite flowers so I naturally beelined to the bouquet and got a little snap happy.

There were rows of succulents and I wanted to take every one home with me. I absolutely love succulents... as you can see from my last Thanksgiving at home, but I actually do not own any here in NY. I was dying to buy all of them but refrained as I wasn't positive about the ability to keep in alive in my room which has large windows but in typical NY fashion, the blinds remain closed about 100% of the year. Maybe another time... sad to part ways. 

2014-04-05 11.11.21 copy.jpg
2014-04-05 11.33.31 copy.jpg
2014-04-05 11.42.26 copy.jpg

This was obviously my favorite section... so many cheeses... all amazing. It was love. My boyfriend jokes that I sustain solely on bread, cheese and vegetables in that order. It is probably true and as such, I obviously didn't leave empty handed. 

2014-04-05 11.29.43 copy.jpg
2014-04-05 11.17.24 copy.jpg
2014-04-05 11.29.58 copy.jpg
2014-04-05 11.47.31 copy.jpg

I particularly loved The River Garden booth as I'm a sucker for dried flowers. The styles were so simple and natural, plus the lavender smelled amazing. 

Happy spring! I hope you all get a chance to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.