Windy City

I arrived in Chicago Friday night ready for a fun weekend with great friends. As I arrived late, we quickly popped a bottle of wine then headed out on the town. It wasn't until the next morning when I got to truly discover the amazing apartment that I was lucky enough to stay in for the weekend. 

I woke bright and early due to headache/bright lights/general confusion but I was pleasantly surprised to discover the most amazing view... not too shabby right? For a second I thought I was in Paris. 

2014-04-26 16.03.44-1.jpg

I then stumbled into the kitchen for some much needed coffee... remember that bottle of wine the night before... my head sure did... 

I plopped myself down on the most perfectly placed bench to enjoy the real view. 


Check out Lake Michigan... I can never get over how massive it is. 

2014-04-26 19.23.54-1.jpg

As the group was all riding the struggle bus, we decided it best to put some food in our bellies. Lucky for me, my friend is the biggest foodie so naturally there was a brunch reservation waiting for us at Cafe Ba Ba Reeba! 


Cafe Ba Ba Reeba is a tapas style restaurant that combines Spanish and American cuisine. Warning, this post will make you hungry... as it is making me hungry just writing it. 

To start, we grabbed a few items off of their pinxtos menu or bite sized items... I ordered the pancakes which were the most literal short stack I have ever seen... isn't it adorable! It was also perfectly covered in syrup making it the perfect starting bite. 

Next, I grabbed the bite sized potato and egg bite which took me back to Spain...


To share, we moved on to a yogurt parfait with fresh fruit and granola. This might actually be the best yogurt I have ever had (big statements). It was incredibly creamy and smooth and had just the right touch of sweetness. 

We followed it up with the banana waffles with caramel sauce and whipped cream. Within seconds of the plate hitting the table it was immediately attacked as it just looked so good... my fork may have been in the mix... guilty. As such, you don't get the full effect of the dish. sorry. it was just too good. 

photo 4-3 copy.jpg

But how could anyone resist that gooey caramel and warm bananas?? (action shot)

Out next came the french toast with seasonal fruit and some more whipped cream. Who doesn't like whipped cream with breakfast? Plus, this was homemade and so delicious... I wasn't complaining. 

photo 3-20 copy.jpg

We then moved on to the more savory items as this was brunch and we didn't want to miss out on what breakfast or lunch had to offer.

For our first savory item we ordered the goat cheese baked in tomato sauce served with garlic bread... yummy.


Time for the close up... look at that perfect bite... the cheese is just so melty... 

photo 1-19 copy.jpg

Finally, our last plate came out... at this point we had honestly forgotten what we ordered and were just wondering when the parade of food would end. Our last dish was a spinach and artichoke crepe. In all honestly, this was our least favorite dish of the day as it was a little too oily and heavy. As we were so stuffed we didn't really care though as the previous items were so good we left happy and very full.

After breakfast we headed back over to the Gold Coast Neighborhood to literally walk it off... there was just so much deliciousness. Plus who doesn't love a spring stroll in a new city. 

Besides the rough morning from having a little too much fun the night before, Chicago was quickly turning into one of my favorite cities. I hope this didn't make anyone too hungry... or if you are in Chicago be sure to check it out I highly recommend it.