Weekend Roundup Pt. 1

This past weekend was just what I needed. Dinner and drinks with friends on Friday (restaurant review to come), and the best weather we have seen in awhile. I was dying to take advantage of it and I feel like this weekend just covered all aspects of it. 

Summer time drinks for the girls... gotta have some bubbly... and beers for the boys made for a great Friday night out.


The weather was perfect for fun with friends and what better way to soak up the sun than a YANKEE GAME!... haters gonna hate...  Go Yankees beat the Sox!

Also it gave me a perfect excuse to rock my new Elie Tahari sunglasses... thanks Bloomies friends and family. 

Although my missing Coachella depression was at an all time high, going to the game and spending the day with great friends made it better... slightly... next year there will be no regrets and I will definitely be heading to Coachella. 


Is it the weekend yet? I'm ready to do it all again!


What did you do this weekend?