Fig & Olive

I was craving a great meal, something light but filling, great flavors and a huge menu with something for everyone. I actually first tried Fig & Olive for my birthday and I remember being completely overwhelmed by the menu as there were so many things I wanted to try and I decided then and there that this was a new found staple. So this past weekend I stopped in with my friends for a night of great food and fun.

photo 2-20 copy.jpg

Fig and olive is a Mediterranean/ American restaurant with a fairly large menu. Everything on it sounds unique in some way and absolutely delicious. 

To start we all grabbed a few cocktails. I grabbed a sparkling wine with fresh strawberries, my girlfriend grabbed a raspberry bellini and the boys had some craft beers. 

Soon we were greeted with some truly delicious starters: crostinis with caramelized onions and goat cheese, fig and prosciutto, manchego fig and almond, and burrata with tomato and balsamic. 

photo 3-19 copy.jpg

A fig and gorgonzola tart that was covered in prosciutto. yum. 


Light but crunchy crab cakes with the perfect amount of crab meat. 

After my red pepper risotto post the other day I have been on a risotto kick. So naturally I had to try theirs... still a little hesistant about how it would compare but I went for it anyways. 

Truffle Risotto... I must say I was pleasantly surprised it was creamy and very rich but not too heavy. Also more power to them, the risotto was full of mushrooms which I am actually not crazy about but I actually thought they made the dish better. 

Risotto was popular that night and C immediately gravitated to the lobster risotto. We were very impressed by the amount of lobster that came with the dish, an entire tail! 

Clearly I hated my meal. nom 

One really great thing about Fig & Olive is that they offer a price fix menu every Sunday to Thursday which is incredibly reasonable considering how many options they offer and for the quality of the food... and the truffle risotto is on there so I'm kind of in love. Check it out for yourself at one of their six locations, I highly recommend it and can't wait to go back.