Dry Bar

I was thrilled when I heard about the new Dry Bar opening in Midtown East, and even more thrilled when I heard that they were doing free blow outs on opening day. Knowing that the appointments would go fast I was quick to sign up for an appointment and I am so happy that I did.

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Dry Bar is a clever twist on the standard salon in that they do not cut or color, they simply do blowouts and a few updos. This may sound strange to some, but for girls on the go this is actually a god send. For a night out with your girlfriends or for the power pitch, the styles have you covered, plus there is the added perk of a refreshing cocktail while you get pampered.

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I have passed a few Dry Bars around the city and I have been meaning to stop in. Upon entering the salon you are greeted by fresh flowers a light and airy perfectly styled room and best of all a cocktail. I grabbed a little bubbly to help continue to brighten up the afternoon. 

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To begin you meet with your stylist, mine was Stacy and she was amazing! She handed me a menu of blow out options, going along with the bar theme, and I immediately starting to panic when I realized I wanted all of them... serious indecisiveness! Eventually, I went with the Mai Thai as my stylist described it as Victoria Secret model waves, which lets be real... is my dream.

One thing I was very impressed with was when Stacy asked me if it was ok to use curling irons and hair product. So many salons today don't inquire about your preference for hair treatments and I found it refreshing that she was willing to accommodate. The treatment begins with a wash and quite amazing head massage, then you get whisked back to your seat where you can sit back and relax enjoy your drink. They also had a few TVs playing Breakfast at Tiffany's which is one of my favorites so that was an extra treat. 

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In the end I was very happy with my hair. The curls were still bouncy and did not have too much product in them. Stacy applied Cream Soda smoothing cream which was really nice, smelled good and held the hair without making the curls crunchy. The volume was spot on and I loved the overall look. Plus they held all day and through the next without any hair spray or any touch ups. Definite Bonus. I honestly can't wait to head back as it is completely worth every penny. 

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