Sadly vacation always seems to fly by and it never seems like you have enough time to do everything that you originally planned. Although I didn't get to do everything that I wanted to, I'm glad I had the chance to make it up to the mountains... here are a few of my favorite things from the trip...

My family loves breakfast food so whenever we come up to the mountains we have to head out to Truckee to go to the Squeeze In. The Squeeze In is the epitome of northern California dive. When you first walk in to the Squeeze it is almost impossible to not become completely overwhelmed. Every wall is completely covered in writing, pictures, random objects and basically anything you could possibly imagine. You need a bicycle?... there it is hanging from the ceiling... spare change is all over the walls... and thousands of hand drawings cover every open space. Once you get past the crazed decor, you can finally stop to enjoy breakfast which comes out in enormous portions. The Squeeze is really just a fun quirky local place where alien statues great you on the way in. 

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After breakfast we always end up taking a stroll around town in a feeble attempt to "walk it off". Let me tell you, we are full for days. 

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Even though my family loves breakfast food, nothing compares to how we feel about coffee. We are beyond the casually obsessed people who just need to drink it every morning... we are not the caffeine addicts either who just love the energy boost. We are coffee aficionados and we love finding the best cup of coffee possible and taking our time to truly enjoy it. Some may say we are a little crazy for always knowing the closest coffee house and planning trips around which place is brewing what, but for us as a family it is something that truly brings us together. 

In the morning we would wake up, put two pots of coffee on... serve it up with some nice steamed milk in our giant mugs... lounge around enjoying the morning sun... then head over to the Squeeze where we would proceed to drink some more coffee... after breakfast we would take a stroll through town, this is the "walk it off" stage... then once we could manage walking/ breathing properly again we would plan an afternoon trip to one of our absolute favorite coffee houses... the Wild Cherries Coffee House. 

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Sorry no pics of the actual coffee as i usually entered a period of excitement blackout where i proceeded to drink the coffee without thinking of photographing it. But trust me it is so worth venturing over there if you are ever up in Truckee. 

Finally, the actual skiing part of our trip, hanging out at Alpine Meadows and Sugar Bowl. The mountains here are huge and are all so different. One commonality though, is they are both absolutely beautiful and every time I got to the top I wanted to stop to take pictures of the lake spread out below. Sadly, the pictures never turned out quite as good as the real deal but let me tell you, if you ever get the chance to head up to the lake I highly recommend it. 

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Shiloh was sad to leave the mountain but quickly remembered my family's love for fresh mountain air which means we will never be away for too long. 

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