Tahoe City

So far this vacation has been just what I needed... I got a chance to get out of the city, relax, and take some time to hang out with my family. I love going to the mountains... the small towns, the laid back attitude and best of all everything there is to do... skiing in the winter and swimming in the summer. 

I must admit I couldn't stay in the mountains long term. Although I do love the wilderness and being out in the fresh mountain air, part of me is such a city girl and the slow paced nature of being up here would probably start driving me mad. Something about the fast paced lifestyle of the city really keeps me energized and excited. I love running around the different neighborhoods, seeing new places and meeting new people. There is always something to do or see and even though it gets overwhelming at times it really does feel like home. 

Being up in the mountains has been great because we were able to go spring skiing! I absolutely love to ski and getting the chance to go spring skiing is even better. Most people associate skiing with freezing weather, wearing hundreds of layers to stay warm and large crowds. Spring skiing is nothing like that. The weather is moderate to warm with bright sunny days, the mountain is practically empty when you avoid popular spring break weeks, and best of all it is more fun. With nice weather and an empty mountain you have free range to do as many runs as you please with no lines, no crowd and no fear of getting too cold. It is simply divine... 

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While out on the mountain we actually made a new friend. He was incredibly adorable and my family couldn't help but make a little detour just to play with him... and by detour I mean we spotted him from the chair lift, freaked out, and changed our plans to casually pass by him before proceeding down the mountain. Who needs to ski when you can spend your day playing with a golden... don't tell Shiloh he would get jealous. 

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Everyone meet Sherman... isn't he just the cutest! 

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I do feel a little bad as Sherman's friend was another cutie but the obsession my family has with golden retrievers means every other dog automatically hits the back burner. Don't worry we still played with the other dog but I don't remember his name... maybe I will see him again and will report back... 

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Great day on the mountain... can't wait to get a few more runs in and hopefully play with Sherman again!