Hospoda Ambiente

It is restaurant week in NYC and I must say this is definitely one of my favorite times of the year. Restaurant week gives foodies like C and me the chance to try out different restaurants that we would never go to regularly due to the unbelievably high price tags. Getting the price fix three course does limit your selection but with the right planning and menu stalking you can really find a great deal.

First up was Hospoda! I admit I hadn't heard of Hospoda until I saw their menu on restaurant week, but after further investigation, I discovered what a gem this place is. So glad I booked it in advanced as reservations go fast... not gonna lie I stalked the restaurant week reservation openings and to C's surprise made quite a few reservations... I promised to go dutch as C was not to happy about paying for all of them.

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Hospoda is not for the picky eater. Most of what we ended up ordering had a very vague description and we weren't quite sure what we were getting into. 

Hospoda is technically a modern Czech restaurant, but as I know nothing about Czech food it was more of just a foodie adventure.... surprise me. 

To supplement dinner, beverages were obviously needed. I went with a Special Cuvee Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa, and C had the Pilsner flight. Hospoda is famous for this flight as it serves 1 beer 4 different ways. C was shocked by the drastic differences that a pour and foam could have on the taste of the beer... I took his word for it as I was loving my wine to much to put it down.  

 Reminds me of royalty or some top secret society

Reminds me of royalty or some top secret society

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To start, the chef sent out a beet gazpacho that was delightful. Perfect flavors a surprisingly crispy cristini shave on the top. 

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For our first course we both ordered the poached egg, Idaho potatoes, radicchio and parsley. The other starters sounded good, but neither one of us wanted to pass up on this and sometimes foodies just aren't that good at sharing... and yes, this was in fact my favorite thing of the night so TOTALLY worth not sharing. 

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For my main course, I ordered the farrow risotto with parmesan, lemon and carrots. I typically try to avoid ordering risotto as it is C's specialty... yes he cooks so often he has a specialty... and I always end up comparing it to his. Never lives up to his.

I decided to order it as I had read about it in a restaurant review, but sadly I did not love it. The flavors were great, light but creamy and the lemon added a nice pop, but I didn't like the actual texture of the risotto itself. As such, C's wins again... I promise I will do a recipe for that one as I really do love it.

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C ordered the beef tenderloin with red cabbage and quince. In typical NY fashion, it came out on a enormous plate with a much smaller portion. Even so C loved every bite. 

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For dessert a chocolate mousse was served with creme fraiche and a cherry kirschwasser (liquor) reduction. Not a huge fan of creme fraiche but the mousse and cherry reduction paired nicely for a light finish to the meal.

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When the brought out the check they were kind enough to provide us a little snack incase we were still hungry after all of that. The front treat was a jalapeƱo dark chocolate ganache and the back one was an olive oil vanilla gummy. C like the chocolate one the best which had a surprising heat after taste. I personally enjoyed the olive oil gummy better as it was such a distinct flavor. 

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When we were heading out I stopped to snag a pic of the glass floor. Makes me look like I'm floating above their wine/ beer cellar. Not gonna lie, I felt like I was going to still fall through!