Gobble Gobble!

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!


I kicked off the Thanksgiving festivities by trudging through the snow and slush to watch the inflation of the Macy's Day parade balloons. The day before the parade is an event in itself. These balloons are massive and as such, they take all day and night to assemble. 

We made our way across the park, through the fall leaves and were greeted with rows of brightly colored balloons. Although the weather was terrible the holiday spirit was not lost. 

There were a few new balloons and a couple classics blown up when we arrived. 

Like the classic Macy's Stars

It was Thomas the Tank Engines first run.

Jacket: Barbour // Hat: Anthropology // Scarf: Jcrew (Similar) // Boots: LL Bean 

Elf on the Shelf... 

And my new favorite... Toothless!!

Wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving and I hope you all have a wonderful day with family and friends!