Brighton Beach Pt. 2

Over the next few days, I tried to make the most of the trip by exploring as much as the city as possible. Birghton is a fun beachside town which becomes very popular in the summertime. As this was the start of the winter, the city was fairly empty of tourist but was swarming with college students.


The city is very walkable and the weather was pretty mild (especially in comparison to NY) making it very easy to make my way through the majority of the city. 

One of my favorite sites was the Brighton Pavilion which was built by King George IV as a summer palace. It was inspired from his trips to india (very apparent in the architecture) and was such a site to see in a British beach town. 

I was very excited to be wandering around the UK and not sitting in an office...

After seeing the busier parts of the city I made it over to what became my favorite part of the city... the Lanes!

I loved discovering the lanes as the entrance is a small alley off of a major street that could easily be passed if you weren't paying attention. Once you enter under the archway, you are immediately transported into to a series of small shops and winding lanes. Does this sound familiar to anyone... Cough* Harry Potter *Cough... sigh... still dreaming...

There were all kinds of shops to explore from jewelry, unique hand craft goods to candy shops... my personal favorite had historic pieces that were not your typical finds. 


After making it out of the lanes I stumbled upon some classic old pubs that felt so classically British. I made a mental note of the pubs and went back later to that night with some friends. 

Brighton was a pleasant surprise overall. It wasn't ever on my list of places to see (mainly because I didn't really know about it Brighton until I was told I would be traveling there for work) but I am really glad that I got to check it out. It really is a very fun, friendly city and I'm glad I made the trip... After leaving Brighton I was off on my next adventure. More to come from the UK!