Missed Moments pt 2

Back in New York, fall had finally arrived. Fall is by far my favorite season. It has just the right weather where you can begin to layer, wear cute coats, boots and scarves which to me is perfect. I love the crisp air and changing leaves... plus the photo ops are pretty great.

To kick off fall I was lucky enough to go to the opening show of Fashion Week featuring Gareth Pugh.

 He is an incredibly talented fashion designer known for his edgy style and for dressing celebrities like Lady Gaga... I was pretty much in fashion heaven. His show was spectacular and consisted of 3 short film accompanied by dancers. The audience would move with the show around the room giving you a completely different experience than just watching clothes go down a runway.

Continuing my NY love affair, I made it to a few end of seasonYankee games... and said goodbye to Derek Jeter. In case you missed it, Gatorade made an amazing video celebrating Jeter and I highly recommend you checking it out Here... warning you may get emotional... I know I do. 

C and I attended our first close friend's wedding... so crazy! Even more crazy is the number of weddings we have in the near future. I guess we need to learn some new dance moves and I will have to buy more dresses... such a burden... 

For anyone who follows my twitter account you will know that I'm obsessed with fitness, and when I saw NIKE's new line for Women I was dying to check it out. Lucky for me, NIKE was kind enough to send over a little gift box... I must say their hand written letter was a very classy touch. 

In further supporting NIKE and in honor of my amazing mother, here she is finishing the San Francisco NIKE Women's Half Marathon this past month! Who looks that cute after running a marathon??

For Halloween I went out as a skeleton... clearly a very on trend costume this year as I'm pretty sure every person on Facebook had the same idea. 

Had the change to catch up with a college friend in town on business (aka why she missed the costume memo... not her fault)... as well as hung out with a friendly monkey. 

Now that it is November, I can officially declare that the countdown to Christmas has arrived!!! By far my favorite holiday and I am so excited to be able to listen to Christmas music again.

That has basically been my life in a nutshell the past few months, more exciting adventures to come... a few involving some tea and crumpets across the pond!