Pinots and Pistols

I feel like it has been a whirlwind these past few weeks. From wrapping up the holiday's to flying back to the city and jumping right into the New Years celebrations, I haven't had a chance to keep up the blog... so I thought I would just back track and give everyone an update on my time in California.

I always love going home simply because there is so much to do, especially with the perfect weather that we had over the Christmas holiday! Seeing as I had more time at home than usual, I was able to do some of the fun things in town. Besides the standard beach trips, which I love (especially seeing as I never see the sunlight back in New York), I was able to go wine tasting in the Valley with my best friend. The Valley has so many wineries which makes it so much fun to wander around, enjoy the ever perfect weather and to just hang out. Gives you something different to do.

We started out at Cowgirl winery with the most amazing outdoor seating area. Going here first was great because it pairs up with its sister restaurant to provide wonderful wood fired pizzas that are delivered directly to the winery, helping us keep our whits about us for the day ahead.

This was the cutest truck that actually had a table in the bed of the truck that you can wine taste in. 

Margarita Pizza

Spicy Sausage Pizza

After spending lunch time at Cowgirl, we travelled on to about four other wineries which were all super fun and just a great relaxing time. My favorite was 

Boekenoogen Winery

. They had the absolute best Pinot's and I loved the tasting room. As the wines are on the pricier side... still totally worth it... I was thrilled to discover that my family actually had received a bottle as a Christmas gift and helped myself to more than my fair share.

To carry on the best friend outings the next day we decided to head out further into the Valley to practice our shooting. Although my family is not big into guns or any sort of target practice, it was so fun to go out with my friend and her family. We drove out to the farm lands and entered a field full of cows.

Look how cute the cows are!

Actually not so cute when they are running at you expecting food! Why are they so big!

After sneaking past the cows we hit up the shooting range. This was a separate area away from the main field, aka no cows were injured during our target practice, which had some general targets set up for us to hit. At the beginning I do admit it was hard for me to hit anything, but I picked it up pretty fast and soon I was a regular Annie Oakley. 

Empty canisters. 

Like a pro!

The dogs were a little afraid of all the noise and spent most of the day hiding out in the truck. What tough guys huh!

We promise we didn't plan this!

Special thanks to my best friend for the great photos from the range! Can't wait to do it again soon!