Mongolian Pork Chops

After my recent trip to Napa with C and our dinner at 

Mustards Grill

, we became obsessed with their famous Mongolian Pork Chops.

They were so good C began to gobble them up before I could even snap a pic!

Along with the pork chops, we grabbed up their amazing onion straws which came out in a heaping pile!

As we are serious foodies, once we got home we had to recreate it ourselves. Lucky for us, my mother has a Mustards Grill cookbook making it easy for us to recreate. If you don't happen to have the cookbook lying around, you can find a very similar one online here- 


So with the long holiday, we got a cooking... or let me say C got a cooking. I did what I do best, opened some AMAZING Napa wine and read another very famous Napa restaurant's cookbook... 

The French Laundry


Lucky for me, C knows his way around the kitchen so he was in charge of the pork chops. After letting him slave in the kitchen for awhile, I finally decide to do more than sit there and look pretty and quickly whipped up some greens. 

The pork chop recipe seems pretty involved with the long list of ingredients, but it was actually pretty easy. Our efforts definitely paid off, as it turned out just as good as I remember. Also note, that just like our time at Mustards, bites were taken before I could snap the pic... I'm sorry! I couldn't help it, it was just too good!