Girls Night Out

Since graduating and moving to the city, I have realized how easy it is to lose touch with friends. Now, obviously the friends across country are a little harder to meet up with but seeing as the majority of my college friend moved in or around the city, it is amazing how little we actually see each other. We all seem to get caught up with our jobs, significant others and all the other activities that keep our lives running. By placing emphasis on certain areas of our lives, a lot of times we quickly lose track of making plans and seeing friends. So going forward this year, I decided (maybe a sort of New Years resolution) that I would make more time for friends. 

Living in New York, a typical get together is generally a drink after work at a bar. Now don't get me wrong I love a good after work drink now and then, but generally with no set planned time or meeting place plans generally fall through. As such, I decided I wanted to plan something a little more interesting that would spark our interest a little bit more and get everyone there...

Paint Nite

Paint Nite is becoming increasingly popular and I was dying to try it. Having heard about it from work friends and seeing their final products I was so impressed by how fun and easy it sounded. Honestly, their paintings looked like REAL paintings above the 2nd grade level. Just to backtrack, for anyone who doesn't know, Paint Nite is a company that organizes painting classes at local bars. They provide all the materials, an instructor and overall a really great time.

So it was set, we finally planned a girls night out and I was thrilled and not gonna lie a little doubtful about our ability to paint this...

So when we arrived, obviously we beelined to the bar for a glass of wine... come on now, obviously a little happy hour is still needed.  Once we grabbed a drink and got our wits together, we found our seats and got ready to get our paint on. 

I tried to act optimistic, but you can definitely see the doubt in my friend's face. Clearly concerned about our ability to complete the painting listed above in just 6 steps! Yes just 6... that's what the instructor said at the beginning and of course I had to come with the most type A group on earth and none of us could let that go. The panic that our paintings would not look good/ we would miss something immediately set in.

How is my sky?!? Did I do OK?

And after all that stress... I kid not. Yes, it was super fun hanging out with friends and painting... but at the same time I am clearly too OCD/ type A to let go sometimes. haha Maybe this can be another resolution... learn to go with the flow. I guess drinking more wine would have helped too...

In the end, even though we were all stressing, they all turned out surprisingly well.

The girls and our final products... maybe our mothers will hang them on the fridge :)