Cien Montaditos

Although New York was experiencing historic lows for this time of year, nothing could stop me from making the journey down to 

Cien Montaditos

 in GreenwichVillage this weekend.

I first was introduced to this montadito chain while studying abroad in Spain and I could not be happier that they made the jump to the US. These montaditos or little sandwiches are amazing! For such a simple concept this restaurant really knows how to pack a punch and keep the Spanish flair. Check out our selections below.

Some of the best french fries I have had in a long time with two amazing sauces! Lucky for me C liked the red one cause I loved the white one... and I wasn't too willing to share!

After returning from Spain there was one thing that I missed most... well maybe after the culture, city, people, spirit, adventures, friends, and travel...and that would be the Tinto de Verano. Tinto de Verano is simply a red wine with either lemonade or sprite. Now I know what all the wine enthusiasts are thinking right now... really?!? watering down the wine?!?... but trust me this is the most refreshing, delightful summer drink around. Now even though it was the dead of winter in NY and hovering below freezing, I couldn't pass up the chance to get my hands on this again. 

Behold Tinto de Verano, just as good as I remember!

After lunch and a few tintos, we decided to head out for a walk around Madison Square Park. With the recent storm, the entire park was buried under a layer of fluffy white snow!

I know Christmas is well passed but I just love this tree! Isn't it amazing! I'm so glad that I was able to come down and see it before it was taken down. I was so busy prior to the holiday's that I missed out on a lot of the cities holiday traditions and as a huge lover of the holidays, I was just thrilled to be able to see this tree all lit up with the snow!

Can't wait to head back to Cien Montaditos... I have a feeling the Tinto will be drawing me back in very soon!