Den Haag

Supper exciting and a major change of pace, recently I was lucky enough to get picked to take a work trip to The Hague, Netherlands. Oh shucks, I guess I can go... (Secretly jumping for joy... but not so secretly). The last time I was in the Netherlands was about 10 years ago when I went with my family on an extended Europe trip and I just couldn't wait to go back. Additional bonus was getting to go with a great friend from work, making the entire trip seem more like a free vacation than an actual business engagement. I guess I could struggle through it!

To kick the trip off, like being free wasn't enough, I was whisked away to the airport and got to experience all the perks of flying first class. So for never traveling first class and having my first experience on an international flight and having that flight be a red eye, let me just say how amazing and completely terrible it was. Terrible because it completely spoiled me for all future travels. Oh the leg room and full recline!

Did I mention the bubbly? (Clearly my favorite part!)

 Once arriving the next morning in Amsterdam and experiencing a rather comical trip by train to the Hague, we finally made it to our hotel. Oh what a surprise... and the trip continued to get harder and harder to bear.

Hotel des Indes

 was really quite spectacular. Being a converted embassy the hotel did not spare any cost to keep up the historic and beautiful design. What a serious treat to spend a week there.

Sadly, I couldn't enjoy the room that long, just a quick pop in to freshen up before heading over to the office. But I didn't seem to mind, as the walk delivered on the perfect fall day!

Later that night, aka around 6pm, the jet lag set in and I passed out immediately only to wake up at 1am wide awake and ready to go. So naturally, to kill time and to settle some of the excitement of being there, I peeked out the window and captured the view. Isn't it charming!

Overall, a great first day and I just love being back in Europe. It just has such a different pace from NY and I love the change up.