Den Haag- Day 2

Waking up the next morning was a struggle as I woke on the hour ever hour. What fun! Luckily when I got downstairs for breakfast, in the formal dinning area (so fancy), I was immediately greeted with a cup of coffee and some questionable dairy product... definitely not non-fat.

Luckily though, we had some more time to enjoy the city and wander around a bit.

Everyone in the Netherlands apparently bikes EVERYWHERE, including in the rain, carrying small children, wearing high heels. It was actually quite amazing and horrifying at the same time as I was almost taken out by multiple bikers. Also, huge change of pace from NY, nobody locks their bikes! This completely blew my mind as even in NY when you lock your bike, anything not strapped down will be stolen. Very refreshing and amazing to see such respect for other people's belongings.

Day 2 down and it was amazing! Hopefully getting a good nights sleep will go better than the last!