The week seemed to fly by and for the last day of our trip we had off, so we traveled into Amsterdam for the day. My friend and I spent the day wandering around the city which actually wan't that big. We wandered aimlessly for awhile, following only what streets interested us and our desire to find food. Somehow, we managed to see the sites.

For instance, when we turned one corner we stumbled upon the Royal Palace... I guess this house will do.

The city is very alive with hundreds of bikers and people running around here or there. We walked through the flower market (so many tulips!), discovered amazing street art and past through the historic neighborhoods. Amsterdam is definitely one of the prettiest most interesting cities I have ever been to... I mean who can hate a city with such pretty canals!

As my friends and family will know, the cheese shops were by far my favorite part of the trip! 

Locks of Love

Nice parking spot.

My one problem with traveling, is that once I go somewhere amazing and totally different than my norm, I immediately want to continue exploring. So now I have the travel bug and unfortunately with my job it will be awhile until I can do something amazing like this again.

For my last night in the Netherlands we found another great hotel, this one was more up my alley and super cozy. Check out my amazing room and the most comfortable bed from my stay at 

Hotel Pulitzer