Napa- Bouchon Bistro

While home in California for Thanksgiving, C and I headed up to Napa for a few days. Both of us have been super busy with work and needed a vacation, even if it was just for a few day. As serious foodies, obviously we were thrilled about eating delicious food just as much as going wine tasting. So naturally we did our research. Our dream would have been to be to go to

French Laundry

, but seeing as we didn't plan the trip 3 months in advanced... (do I plan anything that far in advanced?)... that wasn't an option. So we did the next best thing by trying Thomas Keller's other restaurant 

Bouchon Bistro

 for lunch.

To start, I had the watercress-endive salad with Roquefort cheese, Fuji apples and walnuts. The salad was light and fresh just the perfect starter to the meal.

C had the french onion soup which was incredibly good.

After starters, I grabbed the gnocchi with garden vegetables and brown butter sauce. The gnocchi was light and fluffy and the ultimate comfort food.

Also, if you are interested in gardening or farm to table cooking, all the produce for the kitchen is grown in their garden located across the street making everything incredible fresh and delicious.

C has the Croque  Madame and truffle fries. I helped myself to more than my fair share of his food... guilty as charged, but my love of truffles trumps all.

Bouchon makes Thomas Keller's food much more accessible to the public (no fixed price menu and no 3 month wait) but for being his more casual dining experience he doesn't short on the flavor or quality of any of his food. I highly recommend stopping by for a bite if you are ever in Napa.