California Style

Happy Day after Thanksgiving! 

Spending Thanksgiving with my family at home in California means lots of sunshine! Honestly it is a huge relief after the winter chill that has hit the east coast. 

To help with Thanksgiving, I was responsible for the table centerpiece and so I decided to do some research... aka Pinterest... and decided on doing succulents and silver for table settings. 

Putting together the pieces were pretty fun and simple. Grab a few little succulents and replant them in glass containers makes them look simple and clean with a touch of flair for the table.

After setting the table and catching up on any last minute cooking, we heading down to the beach for a Thanksgiving Day stroll (aka time to build up an appetite).

Such a beautiful day! Thankful for the sun and for being with family.

Shiloh lead the walk mainly, running around and playing with other dogs. 

After a fun time... the best time for Shiloh... we headed home to begin the endless hours of eating, drinking and family time. I hope everyone had a fun filled day with family and friends.