Gotham Bar and Grill

After wandering downtown and building up quite the appetite, C and I headed back uptown for our final Restaurant Week outing at Gotham Bar and Grill. 

Gotham Bar and Grill is a wonderful restaurant in the city. It is classic American cuisine with an emphasis on fresh and vibrant flavors. Plus, I love the name... it reminds me of Batman and that I'm living in Gotham city.

The bright and airy restaurant is perfect for a casual lunch or a glamorous night out. I highly recommend checking out the back windows if you ever visit the restaurant, as they look into the most beautiful city garden that I have seen. 

Gotham Bar and Grill has a regular price fix menu at lunch ($34) which is such a great dal for this restaurant and the caliber of food. The food is completely worth the price, so it was a particularly great treat to eat there at discounted restaurant week price. 

After our long walk we ordered up some well deserved glasses of wine. 

I started off with the gazpacho with a light cucumber, melon, and onion salad. It was such a nice starter as it was light and bursting with flavor. 

C started with the kale and quinoa salad with currants, almonds, parmesan and peaches. Such a pretty salad and so delicious. What I love about this salad... obviously I was eating off of his plate... is that they had the right proportions of toppings to kale and every bite was a "perfect bite". It was so good and this is the great example of the bright flavors that this restaurant creates.

For the main dish, both of us ordered the orecchiette pasta with chicken sausage, broccoli rabe, sungold tomatoes, chili flakes, oregano, and parmigiano reggiano. Let me just say, that this was beyond delicious. C and I were both loving every bite, and this was one of those moments we were thankful we ordered the same things so that we didn't have to share!

The pasta was almost sitting in a broth, which was so good that I was actually using my spoon so that I wouldn't leave any behind... it was pretty shameless.. It was creamy and so tasty, that I think I told C about a hundred times how wonderful it was.

For dessert, I had to try the lemon pudding cake. As I recently was blown away with the lemon pudding cake at Mailino,  previously mentioned here... I had to do a taste test. 

This lemon pudding cake was on the tart side, but with the vanilla ice cream it sweetened it right up. I wasn't a fan of the gram cracker crumble as you could tell that it had been sitting in a cooler for awhile and wasn't the best texture or flavor. As such, I'm going to have to say Mailino won this one. 

C ordered up the chocolate cake which was very light, not too decadent but had just the right amount of flavor that paired nicely with the ice cream. He was quite content. 

Another fabulous meal and I hope to continue eating my way through the city! 

Summer Whites

I have been holding on tight to the last bits of summer. After this past winter the summer has been amazing and I'm sad and shocked that it is already August. This August has been incredibly mild (thank god), and C and I have been enjoying as much time outside as possible. 

We really enjoy taking the time to just wander around and really discover the city. As we haven't spent much time downtown, we thought it was a perfect time to change that and decided to check out the Financial District.


The Financial District is known as the finance hub (aka the neighborhood name), but the area is actually really revamping and changing focuses. Many families have moved in, as well as more creative businesses, and with that the area is beginning to really change. C and I wandered around battery park and the west side waterways. We were particularly sucked into all the sail boats and yachts... again nautical aficionados. 

Before labor day arrives, I have been squeezing in as many summer whites as I possibly could... I'm not so sold on the "rules" but more just into the change to fall clothing... I have been incredibly in love with white this summer and my favorite summer dress has been making many appearances. 

You may remember seeing it briefly here!

sorry for the bad lighting, it was really bright and I'm guilty of using the iphone for this pic.

sorry for the bad lighting, it was really bright and I'm guilty of using the iphone for this pic.


C was back at it picking out his favorite boats... he is more drawn to the classic sail boats and we are actually planning on taking some sailing lessons that are offered down at the docs. 


I am obsessed with this dress. It is so easy to just throw on and it immediately makes me feel great. It is so feminine and flattering plus it is LINED... yes, a great white dress and lined... making me not stress about it ever being see through. This has actually been my summer staple and I'm sorry I am just sharing it now. 

New favorites that I have to share... ELAINE TURNER. (Shoes above, similar)

I recently found this brand in their new store on Madison Avenue. Elaine Turner is a Texas based designer and I am so happy they arrived in the city as I am in love with all of their designs. I purchased a few of their shoes which are so comfortable, so much so that I could immediately take them out on the town with no breaking in. Also they have great bags, may have snagged a clutch which I will share soon... just wanted to share cause I'm obsessed.

(Not a paid promotion)... just a happy customer :)


Sadly this is an old DV dress that I can't link to share, but here are a few for the end of summer that I'm obsessed with. Now get out and enjoy the weather before fall arrives!

Week in Review Pt. 5

So this is like a week in review of marathon eating... these past few weeks have actually been a little food crazy with restaurant week, plus with my girlfriends all having free time that lines up, there have been a lot of great meals.

Me and my girlfriends finally made it to our long time standing brunch date. With all of our crazy schedules, traveling, and dealing with night shifts, meeting up gets to be a little tough. Whenever we find an open weekend we all book it and stick to it even if it is a few weeks out. 


We headed to Asellina in Murray Hill for a more laid back slightly boozy brunch... I mean it is New York and lets be real, every restaurant seems to manage a boozy brunch deal. Plus, Asellina has great food so that is an added bonus. 


Instead of standard rolls, Asellina starts you off with an olive oil loaf. It was a perfect start to brunch as it was the perfect mix between a breakfast cake but appropriate if you were ordering lunch. As we arrived on the later side, all of us immediately gravitated towards everything on the lunch menu. 


I balanced out my mimosas with a delicious proscuitto pizza. I'm a sucker for wood burning pizzas and this one was pretty great. The pizza came with a fried egg and black truffles... pretty much to die for. 

My friends ordered the baked pappardelle with bolognese and bechamel sauce. Just look at that cheesy goodness melted over the top and the perfect crisp from the oven... noms... I will definitely be ordering this in the future. 


Such a fun brunch with great friends, food, and laughing. Can't wait to book another one, hopefully sooner than a month out this time!


C and I headed out for our traditional restaurant week dinner date. Please note this pic is not from the restaurant week dinner... but from another dinner during the week (serious foodies, we have a problem) but I just really liked it of him so I thought I would share it anyway. :)


C and I have a tradition of going to Atlantic Grill for restaurant week. We first discovered Atlantic Grill for my birthday a few years back, and were immediately in love with the food but not with the bill... $$$... At a place where it is encouraged to order a few small starters, entrees, and cocktails, AND where the general clientele is on the more matured end, AND when the restaurant is located on the Upper East and West sides of Manhattan... pretty good sign there is a hefty price tag. So coming for restaurant week is perfect for us.

I started off with the hamachi maki roll... kind of really love that name.. which was a play on sweet and spicy. The yellowtail goes great with the sweet mango, and the spicy sauce just makes it to die for. 

C ordered the green gazpacho with a crabmeat salad on top. The soup was perfect for the warm evening, very refreshing and bursting with flavor. Obviously I stole a bite or two... 


For my main dish, I ordered the cod with mashed potatoes in a balsamic reduction. The cod was cooked perfectly and the potatoes were creamy and rich. 


C had a show stopper of a main dish. He ordered the hanger steak with a corn succotash in a parsley and lemon sauce. This was probably the best item of the night.  


We also ordered up a side of truffle french fries... not on the menu but these are so flavorful and delicious we couldn't pass them up. Can you tell now how much I like truffles?


For dessert, I had the summer fruit upside down cake with peach sorbet. This was a very simple cake but the peach sorbet was delicious and the fresh strawberries were a nice finish to the meal.


C went with the more decadent option, a chocolate torte with chocolate ice cream and sweet cherries. His was actually very surprising, as the cake had a very light creamy texture where you could taste the different chocolates incorporated in the dishes. He was very content to say the least.


The west side restaurant is probably a little more laid back then the east, probably due to the size and design of the place, it is just a little more modern. Both restaurants are equally good, serving up their famous fish dishes at both so if you are ever in either neighborhood I highly recommend checking it out. 


After dinner we literally had to walk it off, and finished the evening with a casual stroll... very slow moving... I love New York especially in this perfect summer weather we have been having. If you are in the area, tonight is the last night of Restaurant Week so head out and try something new! Happy Eating!