Brighton Beach Pt. 2

Over the next few days, I tried to make the most of the trip by exploring as much as the city as possible. Birghton is a fun beachside town which becomes very popular in the summertime. As this was the start of the winter, the city was fairly empty of tourist but was swarming with college students.


The city is very walkable and the weather was pretty mild (especially in comparison to NY) making it very easy to make my way through the majority of the city. 

One of my favorite sites was the Brighton Pavilion which was built by King George IV as a summer palace. It was inspired from his trips to india (very apparent in the architecture) and was such a site to see in a British beach town. 

I was very excited to be wandering around the UK and not sitting in an office...

After seeing the busier parts of the city I made it over to what became my favorite part of the city... the Lanes!

I loved discovering the lanes as the entrance is a small alley off of a major street that could easily be passed if you weren't paying attention. Once you enter under the archway, you are immediately transported into to a series of small shops and winding lanes. Does this sound familiar to anyone... Cough* Harry Potter *Cough... sigh... still dreaming...

There were all kinds of shops to explore from jewelry, unique hand craft goods to candy shops... my personal favorite had historic pieces that were not your typical finds. 


After making it out of the lanes I stumbled upon some classic old pubs that felt so classically British. I made a mental note of the pubs and went back later to that night with some friends. 

Brighton was a pleasant surprise overall. It wasn't ever on my list of places to see (mainly because I didn't really know about it Brighton until I was told I would be traveling there for work) but I am really glad that I got to check it out. It really is a very fun, friendly city and I'm glad I made the trip... After leaving Brighton I was off on my next adventure. More to come from the UK!

Gobble Gobble!

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!


I kicked off the Thanksgiving festivities by trudging through the snow and slush to watch the inflation of the Macy's Day parade balloons. The day before the parade is an event in itself. These balloons are massive and as such, they take all day and night to assemble. 

We made our way across the park, through the fall leaves and were greeted with rows of brightly colored balloons. Although the weather was terrible the holiday spirit was not lost. 

There were a few new balloons and a couple classics blown up when we arrived. 

Like the classic Macy's Stars

It was Thomas the Tank Engines first run.

Jacket: Barbour // Hat: Anthropology // Scarf: Jcrew (Similar) // Boots: LL Bean 

Elf on the Shelf... 

And my new favorite... Toothless!!

Wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving and I hope you all have a wonderful day with family and friends!

Brighton Beach

I have travelled a lot with work over the past few years. I was flying across the country weekly and flying internationally occasionally and I learned early on that packing well and having good luggage really makes a huge difference. Over the course of my travels, I have discovered that the real lifesaver is the carry on bag. Being able to find my passport and tickets quickly, as well as having storage for chargers, laptops, chapsticks and pretty much the rest of the world that I carry in my bag makes traveling so much easier.

 I discovered this Lo & Sons bag through a friend and I am beyond obsessed with it. I have the OMG bag and it honestly has changed my life. This bag is so functional and was designed for the woman on the go. The designer has thought of everything with this bag including pockets for computers, passports, makeup, shoes, and so much more. Check it out for yourself I swear it will change your life. 

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Note: As a crazy fitness addict, this bag is also great for carrying workout clothes with me to work as it keeps my workout gear separate (shoe compartment) from my daily necessities but holds everything I need in one bag. I am no longer the BAG LADY. Small victory. 


This past week I flew over to the UK in Virgin Atlantic's Premium Economy. If you are planning on traveling on a long haul trip but aren't looking to shell out the crazy cash for upper or first class, I highly recommend Virgin Atlantic's Premium Economy. The seats are larger, have more leg room, and are more comfortable. Plus, there is a noticeable service difference. Don't get me wrong, Virgin Atlantic treats economy customers well, but once you enter the premium class the additions of champagne once seated, real silverware with your meal, free cocktails and personal attention are added to the experience. It still is a bit more than economy but if you are looking for a more pleasant flight experience it is definitely worth checking out without breaking the bank.  (Check it out Here)

I arrived at Heathrow and was immediately whisked off to Brighton, located on the southern coast of the country. Sadly, my work wasn't located in London as I would have loved to spend the week there but I was still glad to be able to travel and see a new part of the country I haven't been to. 

I stayed at the  My Hotel Brighton, which was quite the experience. When you arrive they give you three options: Orange, Green, or Pink. Basically, that is the color of your room which they go above and beyond to accenting with the vibrant colors as well as modern accent pieces. I liked to call it my Austin Powers Room as it was seriously channelling the International Man of Mystery... Groovy Baby. 

More love for my Lo & Sons bag which hooks onto the suitcase handle making it so easy to travel with it!

After checking in I ventured out to explore the famous Brighton Beach. 

The city is charming, with cute beach side houses and small shops and pubs. I wandered around enjoying getting lost in the new city and finally made it down to the beach.

Ta Da!

Great first day in Brighton. Jet lag soon got the best of me though and I had to turn in for the night. More adventures to come.